Us blocking UN action in Gaza will allow Israel to continue ‘the onslaught’ — Palestine


US Blocking UN Gaza Measures Enables Israel to Continue 'Onslaught' - Palestine

Washington (Sputnik) — the United States has blocked a draft statement of the UN Security Council to resolve bloody clashes in the Gaza strip, which has allowed the Israel defense forces to continue their onslaught, the permanent observer of the state of Palestine to the UN Riyad Mansour told reporters.

«It is unfortunate that a few minutes ago, one country out of fifteen in the evening broke the silence, while fourteen were willing to accept this statement,» Mansour said Friday. «This is very irresponsible and lacks sensitivity to the delegation of the United States of America.»

He added that the actions of the US allows Israel defense forces to continue their «onslaught» against the Palestinian civilian population.

Meanwhile, the press Secretary of Army of defence of Israel Ronen Manelis said Friday that the stability of defense of Israel for the Palestinians on the Gaza border last week, many of the protesters.

Palestinians who want to return to their ancestral land in Israel has resumed his efforts this week to climb over the fence on the border of the Hamas-controlled Gaza, but were met by tear gas and live fire by Israeli troops. Palestinian health authorities said, killing at least eight people and hundreds were injured.

«The resistance we offered last week showed that Hamas is our rules and that we will not tolerate,» Manelis said in a statement. «We have not suffered any losses from hostile actions of the terrorists, the border fence was not breached and Israeli sovereignty were preserved. This is a great achievement».

About 20,000 demonstrators rallied on the border this week, down from about 40,000 last week, when he was killed 19 people. Palestinians threw stones and burned tires to create a smokescreen in the hope that this will protect them from Israeli snipers.



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