Greek Parliament Approves Amendments to Country’s Constitution – Reports


Greek Parliament Approves Amendments to Country's Constitution - Reports

ATHENS (Sputnik) – The Greek parliament approved on Thursday in the second reading a number of amendments to the country’s constitution, namely, on presidential elections, relations between the state and the church, and parliamentary privilege and responsibilities, local media reported.

The parliament voted for 32 amendments proposed by the ruling party Syriza, four amendments initiated by the main opposition party New Democracy and several extra amendments that lawmakers put forward individually.

According to the Athens news agency, the majority of the lawmakers supported the amendment, under which the failure to elect the country’s president will no longer trigger the dissolution of the parliament. As many as 224 lawmakers of the 300-member body supported the move.

While 237 parliamentarians supported the amendment limiting parliamentary privilege, a total of 255 members of the legislative authority backed the amendment limiting ministers’ protection from responsibility. The parliament also backed an amendment consolidating the religious neutrality of Greece, with 156 lawmakers voting for it.

Apart from other changes to the country’s legislation, Greek lawmakers supported amendments on civilian oath introduction, civil rights protection, labor and collective freedoms protection, international treaties ratification through referendum, constitutional vote of no-confidence introduction, people’s legislative initiative introduction, proportional electoral system and temporary limitation of ability to run in elections after serving three terms in the country’s parliament.

Under the Greek legislation, amendments to the constitution cannot be introduced more often that once in five years.


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