Who can rent a car in Lviv

Car rental in Lviv is gaining more and more momentum. This is the presence of a large number of various attractions and architectural monuments. Every day captures this service.

EverCars offers to rent a car in Lviv at an affordable cost (from $20 per day). Employees turn to children for a personal approach, responding to questions of interest, demanding comfortable conditions for providing assistance. We offer a wide range of vehicles in perfect condition (all vehicles undergo technical inspection).

Who needs a lease

Car rental can be useful in various situations. Cases of infection, when it is worth resorting to renting a car in Lviv, include:

  • You want to see all the beauty of the city, visit the famous cultural monuments and sights. This service will allow you to do it with maximum comfort, without being tied to a taxi or public transport.

  • The meeting with you does not have a personal car, there is a long business trip ahead or an important part on the other side of the city. A rented car will help create the desired style and status.

  • If you decide to arrange a magnificent holiday outside the city, then for sure there will be several cars of a certain class.

  • Daily car rental is suitable for romantics who want to drive their soulmate through the night streets.

Renting a car in Lviv allows you to see the whole city completely, free from transport, as well as the absence of problems associated with repairs, insurance, storage and maintenance.

car rental in Lviv


Clients can rent a car in Lviv without a driver if the driving experience is at least two years. There are also age restrictions, you must be at least 21 years old. Departure outside the country is agreed at the time of signing the contract. Our transport is insured according to all the rules, due to which you can not face possible accidents or incidents, especially if they occurred through no fault of yours. If necessary, it is supposed to be able to take a test drive, evaluate the capabilities of the car.

The cost of the service depends on the chosen brand and model, term, class. Our customers appreciate us for our loyal attitude, affordable price hunting, and a wide range of products. We have earned a reputation and a large number of positive reviews. You will definitely be satisfied with the quality of service.

Daily car rental service in Lviv is available to people who are over 21 years old, driving experience is at least two years.

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