Cormac Costello praises competition in Dublin side to drive on performances

Dublin forward Cormac Costello says he enjoys the full on schedule in the league campaign as Dublin prepare for the Division One final against Derry.

Now one of the most experienced players in the forward line, Costello has won eight All-Ireland’s with Dublin, who are on a five-game winning streak going into Sunday’s game.

Costello, who has missed the last two games with an injury, says he is aiming to be picked for the final, has been impressed with how Dublin responded from a difficult start.

He has praised the performances of younger players who Dessie Farrell has integrated into the team, and thinks they could have a big role to play in the championship.

“It was a rough enough start, in the first game we were particularly poor, a bit of ring rust or whatever you want to put it down to, but there is some really good performances in the last few games, and we are really happy with how the league has gone so far.

“You see the likes of Sean McMahon, Cian Murphy and Ross McGarry, guys that have been on the panel who have been on the panel for a couple of years but have really stepped up to have a great Allianz League campaign.

“That just improves the squad as a whole. It creates that competitive environment that you want going into the championship.

“Everyone is fighting for a jersey. There is no one who has a right to a jersey, you have to earn it. Even in between games and in training sessions and internal matches, there is always that competition.

“The jersey never stays on your back.

In the third year of the split season, and the second year of the All-Ireland schedule, Dublin’s depth has been on show, with younger players making their mark as the experienced players ease their way into the season.

For Costello, he enjoys the demands that is expected at this time of year, even if it does mean less recovery time.

“I like it, but I know with a small injury like this, you miss a couple of games, where as before you may not have missed any injuries at all.

“I do think it is a good system. I love to play matches, I love playing games. Games all week, it doesn’t really bother me. It just means there is less time for recovery.

“This is not something we are not used to. You are playing with your club, especially as a dual player week on week anyway.”

Dublin face Derry in the Allianz National Football League Division 1 final at Croke Park on Sunday, with throw-in at 4pm.


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