Buffalo Bills-Pittsburgh Steelers game postponed until Monday due to ‘dangerous conditions’

The Buffalo Bills will face the Pittsburgh Steelers at 9.30pm on Monday after the postponement of their Wild Card matchup due to a winter storm, with one to three feet of snow expected – watch build-up live on Sky Sports NFL from 9pm Monday evening

Image: Heavy snow is expected in Buffalo

The NFL’s Wild Card playoff matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers has been postponed from Sunday to Monday evening due to extreme winter weather, New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced on Saturday. 

“I’ve been in communication with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell regarding the dangerous conditions in Buffalo this weekend,” said Hochul on Twitter/X.

“In consultation with our emergency response teams, Buffalo Bills leadership, and the NFL, the Bills game will be postponed to 4.30pm Monday.”

The Bills had published an article to their team website on Friday asking for the help of fans in shovelling snow at Highmark Stadium, offering $20 per hour as well as complimentary food and breaks during shifts.

The game, originally scheduled to kick off at 6pm (UK) on Sunday, will now take place at 9.30pm on Monday, with live build-up from 9pm on Sky Sports NFL.

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The best plays from Bills quarterback Josh Allen from the 2023 NFL season.

There is a storm warning in the Buffalo area including Erie Country, where Hochul also confirmed there will be a travel ban.

Wind speeds potentially reaching 65 mph are expected in Buffalo, per AccuWeather, while one to three feet of snow is also anticipated.

“The decision to move the game to Monday was made in consultation with New York Governor Kathy Hochul in the best interest of public safety, and with the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers, as the region prepares for the storm,” said the Bills in a statement.

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Buffalo saw their 2022 campaign disrupted by weather when a storm saw their matchup with the Cleveland Browns relocated to Detroit in November, before a blizzard delayed their flight home from Chicago on Christmas Eve.

Sean McDermott’s Bills enter the game riding a five-game winning streak that saw them turn their season around to reach the playoffs as the AFC’s No 2 seed and AFC East division champions ahead of the Miami Dolphins.

Weather has been a familiar theme heading into Super Wild Card weekend as Arrowhead braces for freezing temperatures when the Kansas City Chiefs host the Miami Dolphins on Saturday night.

Buffalo’s game on Monday will precede the last of six Wild Card contests as the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1.15am in the early hours of Tuesday.

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