A bald eagle landed on a pitcher in major League


A bald eagle landed on the pitcher at a Major League Baseball game

The recent incident at the baseball game mariners Seattle gives life to the mantra of “never work with children or animals”.

On Thursday evening, before the first pitch, players from the mariners and opponents of the Minnesota twins lined up to hear the national anthem.

All went well, with eagle-swoop on the stadium was planned.

Unfortunately, instead of having to fly to its handler, the eagle in question chose to settle on the shoulder of Mariners pitcher James Paxton.

Paxton responded calmly, shaking the bird going to his handler.

Perhaps the bald Eagle, the national symbol of the United States, wanted to show the canadian pitcher a little of the American spirit.

After the game, Paxton said, “I wasn’t going to run, I realized that I’m not going to outrun the eagle, so we might as well just see what happens.”

Meanwhile, the mariners Manager Scott Servais-quotes «Seattle times» said: “I was standing on the line next to Dee Gordon and said to Skip, I don’t think the eagle is going to land on this guy. It’s going to land on you.

“I said, ‘No, Dee, it’s not going to land on me.

“And I am like the eagle did not come and on our starting pitcher. It was crazy.”

It seems that the landing of the eagle was a bad omen than good. The mariners lost 4-2.

Sourse: breakingnews.ie


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