Russia’s Energia Corporation Suggests National Space Station Instead of ISS


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The International Space Station’s systems are likely to keep breaking down after 2025, Energia company, which manages the Russian module, said and suggested building a national station instead.

“Russia has commitments regarding the ISS through 2025. Several elements are already seriously damaged and about to stop functioning. Many of them are impossible to replace. After 2025, we expect many ISS elements to start breaking down en masse,” the deputy director-general of Energia, Vladimir Soloviev, said at a meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Energia estimates potential expenses on supporting the ISS to be 10-15 billion rubles [$130-198 million likely, per year].

At a meeting, chaired by the president of the Academy of Sciences, Alexander Sergeev, Soloviev presented a potential look of a new station with unlimited lifespan, which could be achieved by using replaceable modules.

The new station, officially named the Russian orbital service station, is expected to have three to seven modules and may host a crew of two to four people. The deployment is expected at some point after 2024, but no exact dates have been mentioned.

At the same time, the press service of Roscosmos has stated that it plans to start talks on the future of the International Space Station with its partners on the project next year.


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