Trudeau in Throne Speech Vows to Add 1Mln Jobs, Return Employment to Pre-Pandemic Levels


TORONTO (Sputnik) – The Canadian government will launch a program to add one million jobs to the economy, returning employment levels back to pre-pandemic levels, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a speech delivered on his behalf.

An election could be triggered should the speech not receive a vote of confidence from any of the major opposition parties.

The government plans to achieve this through direct investment in the social sector, infrastructure, and skills training programs as well as a pledge to extend the Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) until next summer.

The official opposition has said that it will not support the throne speech.

Trudeau’s plan will now require support from either the Bloc Quebecois or the New Democrat Party (NDP), both of whom have indicated their displeasure with the speech, for a federal election to be averted.

The Speech from the Throne is delivered by Her Majesty the Queen’s representative in Canada, the Governor-General, on behalf of the prime minister at the commencement of a new parliamentary session following the suspension of proceedings outlining the government’s vision for the country.


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