Time tube: the biggest addicts in the world the TV of the United States, Canada watch 4 hours a day


Tube Time: World’s Biggest TV Addicts US, Canada Watch for 4 Hours a Day

The average citizen of the world spent last year about three hours a day in front of my TV. Americans and Canadians, however, exceed these figures, watching on average four hours of television every day in 2017, according to a published Monday website eurodata TV worldwide.

The report, which gathered data from 95 countries, also found that European viewers watched three hours and 48 minutes per day TV in 2017, slightly more than men in Russia and Brazil.

“The amount of time people watch TV is kept, despite the growing availability of online Content,” said Vice President site eurodata Frederick Vaulpre during his recent presentation of data at the miptv in France, leading TV and online development.

“There was a slight drop in viewership in North America and Asia, but it is still growing in South America and in Europe is maintaining historically high levels,” he added, AFP reports.

People in Asian countries watched less TV than most other last year an average of about two hours and 25 minutes in front of the screen; people in China spend an average of two hours and 12 minutes in front of the box. In Sweden, young people watched less than two hours of TV a day.

The report also showed that viewing patterns are changing. In 35 countries, services, to analyze Added an additional 8 percent of viewing time. In addition, young people spend more time watching soap operas on their mobile phones than in previous years.

The data also showed that the US and UK are the biggest exporters in the world TV show, followed by France, Germany and Turkey. The trend, however, appears to be focused on the content for the target audience, not a mass crossover audience.

Sourse: sputniknews.com

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