She Said Seize Zimbabwe? Netizens in Stitches as Jill Biden Butchers Popular Spanish Phrase


It would seem language is not the forte of the Biden family. Last November, Joe Biden bungled another popular phrase in Spanish mi casa es su casa (my home is your home) during a meeting with Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. Incidentally, Pelosi is half-Italian.

Social media users were left in stitches after Jill Biden butchered a popular Spanish phrase during a meeting with farmers in California.

The meeting was held on 31 March, on the birthday of César Chávez, a popular Latin American civil rights activist. Together with another activist Dolores Huerta, Chávez created the National Farm Workers Association and coined the famous motto Sí, se puede (Yes, it is possible or Yes, we can).

In Jill Biden’s speech the encouraging motto transformed into mumbo-jumbo.

​Many social media users tried to figure out the meaning of her words.

​Others joked the First Lady should not be teased for making a mistake in Spanish when her husband makes mistakes in English.

​Some even suggested there should be a TV show called guess what the Bidens said.

​Other netizens found the mistake embarrassing and accused the First Lady of pandering.

​Many users drew attention to the flag of the United Farm Workers of America, which they claimed looked similar to the flag of the Nazi Party.

​Still others joked about the size of the audience.


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