Gut-Wrenching! Primate’s Brutal Death by Hanging in Land of Monkey-God Shocks Netizens


New Delhi (Sputnik): India’s most prominent Animal Cruelty prevention law was enacted in 1960 and has since been strengthened. But from killing elephant by feeding them with explosive-laced fruit to various incidents of stray dog torture, the plight of animals remains largely neglected.

In a barbaric incident of human brutality to animals, a monkey was hanged from a tree in India’s Telangana state. A video of the incident, filmed by the accused themselves, has gone viral on social media. 

The video shows the hapless monkey struggling while it’s hanged with dogs on the ground howling. 

Three men attacked monkeys with sticks when they entered their teak plantation. One of the monkeys fell into a water tank, as it tried to escape the beating. The incident was reported in Ammapalem village in Khammam.

The accused, identified as Sadu Venkateshwar Rao and two others then hanged the monkey to the tree and filmed the video as the monkey struggled. 

The incident has triggered an uproar on social media, with users lashing out at authorities for not implementing stricter punishment to offenders.

More so, as in India monkeys are even worshipped as gods in the Hindu epic Ramayana which shows Lord Hanuman – half monkey, half human – as a central character. 

Earlier in May, India witnessed widespread disgust over the death of a pregnant elephant. The elephant was fed with a pineapple containing firecrackers in Kerala. The firecrackers exploded in her mouth and the elephant died on 27 May standing in a river.


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