Extreme Yoga, Russian Style! WATCH Siberian Girls Doing Yoga in Frosty Siberia


In winter, temperatures in Tynda reach -41°C, but that hasn’t stopped the Russian beauties from getting their exercise.

Yuliya and Ekaterina, two young women from the town of Tynda in Russia’s Far East, have decided to take their yoga exercises to the next level, taking their exercises outdoors, in winter, seemingly unafraid of the region’s extreme continental climate.

“We’ve gotten used to this frost and cold,” Yuliya said. 

“We didn’t think it would surprise anyone here,” Ekaterina added. “This was an idea which we turned into a reality,” the young woman said.

Yuliya and Ekaterina say they have yet to catch any ailment from their activities. On the contrary, they seem to have helped them shore up their inner chi, while keeping them fit to boot.

Sourse: sputniknews.com

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