The means, the power, concrete like a charm: innovative building solutions

In modern construction, concrete is widely used. This Construction is characterized by strength and durability. It is cost effective, and is used for the construction, Installation and decoration of various construction projects. In addition, the concrete has some disadvantages.

Under such weather conditions such as Wind and humidity, at a constant and intense stress as well as temperature extremes and Wane of this Material can be mechanically damaged. This Problem is with an innovative concrete additives – micro-fiber – solved.

The means, the power, concrete like a charm: innovative building solutions
The means, the power, concrete like a charm: innovative building solutions

Properties of polypropylene fibres for concrete

The polypropylene is a special additive for concrete. Due to its ability to acids, alkalis and salts to resist, it is suitable for the cement compositions. It serves as a perfect material for connection with the cement matrix.

The Fibres are thin and lightweight. They can be mixed with other materials. This Feature ensures a uniform distribution of the fibers in the concrete and its effective reinforcement.

The use of fibers for concrete helps the internal micro-cracks to reduce or even to avoid and micro-structural reinforcement to guarantee. In such a way reinforced concrete can serve for the construction of buildings without the need for additional care all the time.

  • Macro-Fiber ArmoTec;
  • Macro-Fiber PolyMesh;
  • Micro-Fiber FiberMix.

What are the different types of fibers for concrete?

There are five types of fiber Supplement. It distinguishes them according to the materials from which they are manufactured. The micro-fiber production is based on:

  • Steel;
  • Polymer;
  • Basalt;
  • Polypropylene;
  • Glass.

Especially up-to-date screed-glass fiber and polymer fiber, the industrial floors made of concrete significantly enhanced, and for the airfield plates and water structures can be used. These additives can also be used for construction, repair and cleaning mixtures used.

The advantages of fiber

In the case of damage to the concrete, the edges and connection elements of the structures are particularly affected. In the case of reinforcement of concrete with fibers acquire this Material, the following valuable features:

  • Plasticity and ductility;
  • Water tightness;
  • Frost resistance;
  • Increase of the resistance to Fire;
  • Resistance to abrasion;
  • Strength and durability.

The use of polypropylene fibers achieved the increase of the strength of the building material, to improve its structure and the extension of his lifespan.

Why buy fiber for concrete from a manufacturer FiberMix?

The modern manufacturer of construction output will be armed with the innovative technologies. One of the most popular and effective manufacturer of micro-fibers FiberMix is “”. It offers the high-quality concrete accessories made of polypropylene, which can reduce the Shrinkage and cracking of concrete curing.

The “FiberMix”production is nowadays widely used. Among other things, you can use this for the following structures:

  • Industrial floor;
  • Shafts;
  • Tunnele;
  • Precast concrete components;
  • The road surface;
  • Pipe systems;
  • Details for garden and landscaping.

The synthetic additives “FiberMix” may be used with all cement types. Full concrete curing occurs after a few weeks. There is no corrosion risk. This production is open to all types of chemicals and is used in various weather conditions. In the case of use, you should consider the optimal dosage of 0.6 – 0.9 kg per cubic meter of concrete.

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