Review of the new Gonzo’s Quest game

Review of the new Gonzo's Quest game

We present you a review of the online game Gonzo’s Quest. The plot of this multiplayer browser game is based on the confrontation of the following races:

– humans;

– orcs;

– elves

– gnomes.

A distinctive feature here is that there is an opportunity to create not one, but four characters belonging to different races.

Well, let’s get started.

This online game gives users a wide choice when creating the appearance of his hero. And this choice is limited only by the gamer’s own imagination. Having started the game in the village, the character will immediately find themselves in the thick of it. For the completion of quests he will be given rewards, he can improve and develop skills in the fabulous universe.

As for combat

Once you’ve gained experience and developed your character’s abilities, it’s easy to show off your hero’s strength and experience in real time combat. The concept of “action points” disappears here, meaning you no longer have to wait for your opponent to make a move. Thanks to the system of “loading models” there will not be any so annoying hesitation, therefore, more qualitative battles will proceed, plus the low consumption of traffic.

The project “Gonzo’s Quest” gamer equally interested in both single battles, and group. Depending on the level of the hero you have, you will be developing his abilities, so the combat will be much livelier and brighter. Which is very well noticeable in the mass battles.

Quests .

The variety of different quests is amazing. Especially as they are different and individual for each race. After completing each of the tasks the character receives a reward. The number of completed quests also determines the level of respect for the hero, some of the characters in the other factions. When the hero will exist in the game for some time, he expects a special and valuable rewards. One of the main features of the game is the colourful map, which offers a 360° view of the village as well as the town.

Acquiring a profession

Besides the fact that users will fight, acquire skills and develop abilities, their characters will be given the chance to live more peacefully. And these activities are nothing less than the acquisition of professions that will allow them to earn money for various acquisitions necessary for the character. In the online game to your attention presented four professions:

– cook;

– fisherman;

– lumberjack;

– tailor.

You will only have access to at least one of these professions if you are at least level four. To learn the profession of a cook, your hero must be a level five.

So whether you’ll be a merchant or a warrior, destroyer or creator is up to you. In this world everyone can find a job to his liking. We wish you good luck in this incredible universe, and our review of the online game Gonzo’s Quest is over.

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