Miles Harrison’s Rugby Fantasy Land: The 10s – Barry John vs Carlos Spencer


0:58 Miles Harrison’s Rugby Fantasy Land: Carlos Spencer

Yes, his adventure would cause him to get some things ‘wrong’ but the point of this fantasy game is to try, try and try again, in order to produce the gems that we’ll never forget. Spencer had more than his fair share of those. Jonathan Davies was post-rugby league when I got to call his name and what a great talent he was in both codes. Stephen Larkham was a rare and stunning talent too.

Also, if I may, an honourable mention to Paul Turner, not with the top international pedigree of others but, in his club playing days, he produced Spencer-like magic and was a player I loved to watch try his tricks. But, it’s King Carlos for the match in Fantasy Land.

Tell me the stories that make your picks so special to you. The possibilities are endless so let your imagination run riot. But, remember, when making your selections for this match, the players selected must make your heart sing.

Once both teams are selected, including the ‘super-sub’, we will select the head coaches. Then, we’ll select the venue, the referee and a memorable kit for the teams to ‘run out’ in.


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