Formula 1’s new plan for three Saturday ‘sprint’ races in place of qualifying in 2021 set for vote


0:55 In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports F1’s Martin Brundle – and his first as F1’s new CEO – Stefano Domenicali sets out his vision for the sport’s future, insisting that drivers will be at the forefront.

The Canadian, Italian and Brazilian GPs – venues known for fast and exciting racing – have been targeted as the 2021 events where the ‘sprint’ format could be trialled, with a view to using it more widely next year.

In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports last month, F1’s new boss Stefano Domenicali admitted that a format change was under consideration.

“We are thinking how to keep the racing format alive in a different way,” he told Sky F1’s Martin Brundle.

“We are talking with the teams because of course it’s important to have the opinion of the teams but also the stakeholders. We are going to have dedicated meetings to prepare the right offer.

“We need to be sure that we don’t lose any opportunity and we need to be sure we are not auto-referential in what we are offering because this would be a big mistake.”

F1 has already implemented changes to the race weekend schedule for 2021, with the Friday practice sessions reduced from 90 minutes to 60.

Sunday’s race starting times, meanwhile, have reverted to the traditional on the hour slot, rather than 10 past from the previous three seasons.


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