Chantelle Cameron: Katie Taylor isn’t going to stand a chance

Chantelle Cameron handed Katie Taylor a first professional loss in May. Now the undisputed super-lightweight champion will fight the Irish star once again in Dublin and Cameron warns: “I’m going in there full of spite and full of aggression knowing that I’ve just got to finish the job”

Image: Katie Taylor is rematching Chantelle Cameron immediately after losing to her in May (Photo: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing)

Chantelle Cameron has vowed to “finish the job” when she rematches Katie Taylor this weekend in Dublin.

Cameron is the undisputed super-lightweight champion and handed Taylor a first professional loss when she beat the Irish star in Dublin in May.

She has every intention of repeating that feat second time around.

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Barry Jones predicts that Chantelle Cameron will defeat Katie Taylor once again on Saturday in an even more conclusive manner than their first fight. You can listen to the latest episode of the Toe2Toe podcast now.

“I always knew I was wrong for Katie Taylor. That’s why I always wanted the fight. Nothing changes now. I think all that changes is that Katie is going to come in desperate to get that revenge and I’m coming in knowing that I can beat her,” Cameron said.

“And I beat her not on my best night either. So I’m coming in there full of confidence knowing that it’s going to be a more convincing win for me. The blueprint is there but I’m going to make sure it’s better this time.

“Me at my best and everything I’ve been doing in the gym, I’m too much for Katie Taylor. I’m too stubborn, my work rate is too high, I’m too strong and I’m too big. I know that I’ve never been this fit.

“As long as I do on Saturday what I’ve been doing then Katie isn’t going to stand a chance. I’m going to be all over her like a rash. May 20 I was in awe of Katie Taylor. This time I’m not in awe of her. I’ve already beat her, so now I’m coming here, defending my belts and it’s more now for me that I’m cementing my own career.

“I know that this can open up doors for me. I’m going in there full of spite and full of aggression knowing that I’ve just got to finish the job here.”

Image: Chantelle Cameron put her undisputed super-lightweight championship on the line against Katie Taylor, still the undisputed lightweight titlist

Although Taylor is the challenger, and in the unusual position of being the underdog in this fight, there is also ever increasing pressure on her. Taylor’s future career, potentially, is on the line.

“This really is a must-win fight for me,” Taylor said. “I have a chance to rectify things.”

She insisted: “I just didn’t feel myself the last fight. I think everybody who watched the fight knew that I wasn’t myself on the night. It was just a bit of a flat performance really. It was just one of those nights.”

However Taylor believes she can turn the tables on Cameron. “I’m very, very hungry and I’m like a woman possessed at the moment for this,” she claimed.

“Every single boxer dreams of being in this position – headlining a huge show in their own country.

“Absolutely, I’ll be becoming a two-weight undisputed champion,” she continued. “I think when I’m at my best nobody can beat me.”


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