Ben Whittaker drops and defeats stubborn Leon Willings, showboating his way to dominant victory

Olympic silver medallist Ben Whittaker shows off his talents as he overcomes Central Area champion Leon Willings in a non-title eight-rounder on the Fabio Wardley-Frazer Clarke undercard at the O2 Arena in London; Watch Wardley vs Clarke live on Sky Sports

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Ben Whittaker once again put on a display to entertain the fans at London’s O2 Arena during his points victory over Leon Willings.

Ben Whittaker repelled a stubborn Leon Willings to take an eight-round points win on the Fabio Wardley vs Frazer Clarke undercard at the O2 Arena in London.

Whittaker dropped his opponent and sprinkled in sustained, spiteful combinations, as well as showboating, on his way to a clear 78-73 points win.

Whittaker may be the ultimate showman but he started out with destructive intent.

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A look at Ben Whittaker’s epic martial arts inspired walkout for his fight against Leon Willings on the Frazer Clarke vs Fabio Wardley undercard.

He thumped repeated jabs into Willings trunk, testing out his body and bringing Willings’ gloves down.

He worked that lead diligently, but suddenly injected vicious speed into his attack. A double jab set up a right cross that streaked into the head.

Willings may have been patient, unwilling to get drawn in, but Whittaker still found room to work.

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Ben Whittaker extended his perfect record to 7-0 with a points victory over a gritty Leon Willings at the O2 Arena in London.

With Willings guided back to the ropes, the “Surgeon” sent a left hook carving into his body and fired the same shot to the head before a right hand over the top sent Willings down to a knee.

But Willings, the Central Area champion (a belt not on the line in this eight rounder), was tough. He popped back up to his feet.

He continued to swallow big rights that Whittaker fired into the head as the rounds progressed.

Image: Whittaker attacks the body

Nor could Whittaker, billed as the “master of the drunken style” in his elaborate ring entrance as well, resist showboating.

He swayed from side to side right in front of Willings at times and mid-fight turned to the man from Cheshire’s corner to tell off his trainer.

But he didn’t neglect the offensive work.

Blood began to drip from a cut over Willings’ right eye. As Willings sucked in air in the fifth round, Whittaker seemed to sense him weakening and ground forward behind more solid body shots.

Image: Whittaker drops Willings

Defiant, Willings dredged up left hooks. He landed as well. But despite a firm hit, Whittaker scarcely blinked and continued to operate in his own inimitable style.

Willings didn’t lose heart and still launched blow at Whittaker as the latter dug in further cruel body shots, his determined efforts obliging the Olympic silver medallist to go the distance.

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Ben Whittaker claims he let opponent Leon Willings hit him to prove he can take shots on the way to a points victory at the O2 Arena.

Kongo overcomes Marku

Chris Kongo took the most meaningful victory of his career when he settled his feud with Florian Marku.

He won a unanimous decision after 10 rounds, 96-94, 96-93 and 98-92, and wept at the announcement of the decision.

Animosity between the pair had spilled over in a press conference fracas and remained bitter throughout the build-up to the fight.

It was a win that Kongo, rebuilding from a British title loss to Ekow Essuman, needed for his career.

Image: Kongo records the most meaningful victory of his career

He kept calm, generally, putting his technical boxing skills to work to defuse Marku’s front-foot aggression. He also had to cope with a cut that opened early in the fight as well.

With deft footwork, Kongo moved around the Albanian and landed regular jabs, before picking his moments to launch combinations.

Marku however was physically strong, staying in constant pursuit. He slammed a long left hook into the Londoner and harried Kongo at moments.

In the eighth round, with his work ragged, Marku repeatedly hit Kongo behind the head and referee Howard Foster deducted a point.

Image: Marku reaches for Kongo

The Londoner decided to take advantage then and let combinations rip into Marku, who fired back with furious punches of his own.

In the next round Marku leapt forward, scraping a hook across Kongo’s nose.

But Kongo raided with a combination before skipping away. His footwork and crisper punches remained the difference. He popped in headshots for a final flourish. Marku beckoned Kongo in, and the Londoner responded by landed a flush jab, sealing his victory.

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