Sextortion: New Ransomware Demands Pictures of ‘T*ts’ From Victims, Anti-Malware Company Warns


The cyber-extortion malware tells its victims to send pictures of their breasts to a certain email address in exchange for recovering the files the program encrypts prior to making its demands.

While cyber criminals using ransomware to encrypt filer on other people’s computers in order to extort money from them is not that uncommon in this day and age, a new brand of malicious software emerged that demands a different kind of payment from its victims.

As anti-malware provider Emsisoft explained in its blog, the ransomware in question, “Ransomwared”, promptly tells the victim “You’re Fvcked!!!” while announcing the encryption of the latter’s files, before presenting the following offer: “Show me your t*ts to decrypt it”.

The victim is then provided with an email address where they are expected to send images of their breasts in exchange for file recovery.

However, it appears that acquiescing to such demands won’t be necessary as Emsisoft announced the release of a free decryption tool that would help recover the files without paying the “ransom”.


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