Note: the roots and the trump card to raise the stakes


The Note: Comey and Trump raise the stakes

This “slime ball” gets his word, and then some.

What infuriates President Donald trump, based on his tweets. And it can mean much more than name-calling and anger before he passed.

Interview tour, which began Sunday night on ABC, dismissed FBI Director James Comey makes these in and out of power parties.

“He is morally unfit to be President,” Komi said George Stephanopoulos.

Komi opens up about the shocking way he found out that he was fired trump

Says James Comey, Robert Mueller is not on anyone’s side’

Before trump is contrary to the book roots, the roots should be behind bars, only raises the rate in the dollar per game.

Komi is not just fired an employee who thinks trump is a flawed man. He also is a potential witness, and Komi, and of course, special Advisor to the Robert Mueller is well known.

“If Bob Mueller let’s remain in place to do his work, he will find the truth,” said Komi.

Trump brags about being a counter-puncher, so the roots should have been warned. But this fight could go a lot deeper worth, depending on how the coming days play.

Summary Emily Goodin

It will be a busy week back and forth between Congress and President of the trump.

First- no response to an interview of James Comey on ABC, in particular, his comments about when the investigation began, the Russian intervention in the elections, his meeting in the oval office with trump on Michael Flynn, and whether the Russians have something on the President.

Komi said that he believes the source of Steele ‘dossier’ to ‘trust’

Roots said the presidents trump ‘wildfire’ that may cause ‘enormous damage’

On Syria, the chorus of Democrats – and at least one Republican – have questioned whether military action on questionable legal grounds because the law Trump a bet on the use of force without the authorization of Congress had not been updated since 2001.

The Note: Comey and Trump raise the stakes

Mike theiler – pool/Getty ImagesPresident Donald trump makes comments when he addresses the nation, declaring that military action against Syria over the past apparent gas attacks on its citizens at the White house April 13, 2018, in Washington, DC.

Then there’s the continued assumption that the Deputy General Prosecutor rod Rosenstein and ultimately, the special adviser Robert Mueller, will retain their jobs. Legislation in both houses to protect men.

And finally, Mike Pompeo, is expected to answer further questions from senators, as lawmakers are preparing to vote on his nomination to be Secretary of state trump. Senator of the Republican party, Rand Paul is not a vote, meaning that the administration need not only all the other Republicans, but at least one Democrat in the Senate Committee on foreign relations to give him a recommendation to the voting floor.

The tip with Matt Seiler

Just before the interview, ABC is a strong dedication to James Comey from the ex-attorney General Loretta Lynch.

She issued a statement, saying: “I have never hesitated to make difficult decisions, guided by the Department of basic principles of justice, integrity, independence and, above all, always doing the right thing. The appeal of the Ministry of justice of Clinton to write the research under my supervision was no exception”.

Lynch continued, “in the critical early stages of this case, I followed a long-standing Department policy not to confirm or deny the investigation. “It is not misleading nor dezinformare, but instead protects investigations and ensures equal treatment of those under scrutiny, whether known or unknown. Any suggestion that I have referred to this policy based on any other reason is just a lie”.

Komei described as a crisis of confidence Loretta Lynch slammed it into Clinton email Saga

The Note: Comey and Trump raise the stakes

Bloomberg via Getty images, file photoJames Komi, Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), right, and Loretta Lynch, the U.S. attorney General, listen during a press conference may 27, 2015.

She noted that she has known the roots for almost 30 years.

“During his time as Director, regularly talks about some of the most sensitive issues in law enforcement and national security. If he had any problems about the investigation into the e-mail group or not, he had ample opportunities to raise them with me as a private and at meetings. He never did”.


• The President heads to Florida this morning for a week, which will include the visit of Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago.

• The President takes tax cuts for small business in Florida Roundtable in hialeah, Florida, at 12:40.


“..when I worked for Jim, if I told him 11 days before the election that I was going to release information that can affect elections, and one of the things that influenced me was a poll, he would have fired me. He would have fired me on the spot.” Ex – new Jersey Governor Chris Christie GOP on “this week” response to an interview of James Komi.

The Note: Comey and Trump raise the stakes

Ralph Alswang/ABCGeorge Stephanopoulos sits down with former FBI Director James Comey about the exclusive interview that will air in Prime-time “20/20” special on Sunday, April 15, 2018, on the ABC.


Morally unfit: those moments that are important in explosive interview of James Comey. James Komi broke his silence about a wide range of issues related to its interaction with Donald trump, before unceremoniously fired last year. Komi talked about the possibility of the President obstructing justice, his concerns about the fact that Russians have something against trump, as he defends his actions, associated with the Hillary Clinton email Saga, and much more. You here told. (Meghan Keneally)

Watch the interview: first interview with Komei President trump fired him. Former FBI Director shared his story with ABC news ahead of the release on April 17 in his book “high loyalty: truth, lies and leadership”.

Komi said that he believes the source of Steele ‘dossier’ to ‘trust’. “It comes from a trusted source, someone with experience, someone who was trusted and valued member of the intelligence service of the allies in the course of his career,” said Komi. (Meghan Keneally)

Says James Comey, Robert Mueller is not on anyone’s side’. “The American people can have full confidence in Robert Muller’s,” said Komi. (Meghan Keneally)

Trump has sent a strong signal to Iran, Russia and Syria missile strike: a spokesman for the White house. Airstrikes conducted in the United States, Britain and France failed, Sanders said the chief anchor of ABC news George Stephanopoulos on “this week” on Sunday. “They are 100 percent fulfilled its tasks.” (Scanlan Quinn)

Trump makes the highest approval per year, and 68% of women like him personally. The President remains the lowest rating overall in the latest ABC news/Washington post poll — 56 percent of Americans approve of his job, compared with 40% of those who approve of, and “strong” disapprovers more than strong approvers by almost 2-1. (Gary Langer)

Barbara Bush is in failing health, politicians to support. The outpouring of support came flooding in for Barbara Bush on Sunday after a statement from the office of former President George H. W. Bush announced the former first lady was in failing health. (Matt Seyler and M. L. Nestel)

Trump campaigner can help the majority of Republicans in the battle to keep the Senate. The Republicans will have to carefully choose where President Donald trump as campaigner-in-chief in the party’s struggle to retain control of Congress in the midterm elections this year, say strategists. (Emily Goodin)

Komi made a statement Clinton email probe days before the election to provide “cover”: the representative of trump. Recognition of James Comey that he, perhaps subconsciously, it is expected that Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election, when he revealed before the election of 2016 the opening of the probe from her letters it is clear that he was politically motivated, the spokesman said. (Allison Pecorin)

Lawmakers reacted to the bombshell interview of James Komi. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle took to Twitter Sunday night to share reactions to the first gathering, James Comey interview with the President of Donald trump last year he was fired. (Karma Allen)

Trump “never” to sign a law to protect Mueller: Republican Senator. Republican on the Senate intelligence Committee, said she thinks the presidency, Donald trump never sign a law to protect Robert Mueller, but that Congress should in any case to take such a bill to send a message to the White house. (Scanlan Quinn)

Axios are four main problems when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President trump will meet this week, ranging from tariffs to North Korea.

The Washington post reports about the vanishing promise to repeal obamacare among Republican congressmen.


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