Is it worth creating another Instagram, or its time of niche social networks

Almost everyone now uses Instagram, Facebook, tiktok, and so on. It’s hard to compete with such giants, and probably impossible. But we should not forget that every year Instagram, Facebook and so on are clogged and littered it is almost impossible to find something important on their own. In this case, it is possible to create not a universal, but a niche platform, which will be aimed only at a certain circle of people.

Is it worth creating another Instagram, or its time of niche social networks
Is it worth creating another Instagram, or its time of niche social networks

The so-called niche social networks have long since been introduced into our lives. These are platforms where people with certain interests gather and these social networks are filled with only the content that interests that social niche. We will give some examples of these platforms to understand what they are and what they are about.

Types of niche social networks

Academia is a social network for scientists

Academia is a social network for academics. The platform has a user-friendly interface for publishing academic research, discussing it, and keeping track of competitive work in similar fields. TechCrunch notes that Academia is “an effective way for scientists to disseminate their research” and allows them to find their audiences and colleagues and engage in productive dialogue with them.

Busuu: A Social Network for Polyglots

The world’s largest social network to help students learn foreign languages. Includes learning blocks in 12 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese. The goal of the project is to involve users in a collaborative learning process, offering participants linguistic practice help from direct native speakers. Thus, each Busuu user simultaneously learns a foreign language for themselves and helps other participants to learn their native language. The platform integrates multimedia features, audio and video content, voice recording, chat rooms, podcasts, and more. After the Busuu courses, you can get an official GSE English certificate. The service has an Android app in 11 languages. A premium subscription that gives access to additional features costs €14.99 per month.


A service for communication between book lovers, which also offers to create and manage your own catalog of literature. The users, in addition to readers, include authors, publishers, librarians and book collections. LibraryThing users compare their collections, build recommendation lists, communicate with book authors, and search for what to read.
LibraryThing lets you import books and search for what you want across all available databases, including the British Library, Libraries of Congress and Yale University libraries, five national Amazon sites, and more. In all, there are more than 95 million books from 690 world libraries in the database.

How niche social networks work

Most of these social networks have a standard scheme: Users have personal pages with all the information (who they are, what they do, anything else that will attract attention etc.). Users write posts, get added as friends and chat. Some social networks have communities – in a sports network, for example, it may be a community of a club or newsreader.

Each social network has its own algorithm, so before you use any of them, familiarize yourself with it in detail. Explore its features, understand what it is, and how, see how it is promoted. Some social networks work almost like we are accustomed to – posts, advertising, etc.. Others are more like Avito – you put your ad on the board, and you are chosen based on how and what you offer.

Steps to create niche social network

As we can see, the principle is very simple, then to create such a network, you need to go only a few steps:

  1. choose a concept.
  2. think of a name
  3. create a capital for the social network
  4. design a website
  5. Actually launch the site
  6. Developing

More information about creating niche social networks you can get to know here:


Understanding what niche social networks are and how they work, it’s easy to draw a simple conclusion: This area is like a raw field or undeveloped plain in the field of marketing. There’s not a lot of competition, and some platforms aren’t all that user-friendly. So, behind your niche social network with a quality interface and a good idea, it’s very easy to get out in front in this territory! The most important thing is not to be afraid and do!

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