WATCH Pastor Being Bitten by Deadly Snake During Church Ritual


WATCH Pastor Being Bitten by Deadly Snake During Church Ritual

A video posed on YouTube shows a US priest being bitten by a deadly snake as he dances and preaches while holding the venomous reptile in his hand.

“I believe in the God Almighty and if he says I can hear him, I can,” Pastor Cody Coots is screaming. The next moment the rattle snake suddenly pounces and bites him in the neck.

Looking unfazed by the sight of blood streaking down his shoulder, Coots dances on.

“Keep it playing! I’m not worried at all. Don’t worry, God’s a healer. Let God still heal me, He’s like a freight train coming at me,” she shouts.

Moments later, however, he starts feeling the pinch and is helped outside by his colleagues.

Cody Coots was rushed to hospital where doctors said that he was inches away from death as the snake came close to severing his temporal artery.

The hairy incident happened at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name Church in Kentucky, which is one of a handful of snake-handling temples still active in the United States.

The practice of worshiping with snakes is part of the Holiness movement whose participants believe it will protect them from harm.


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