Viber says that he became ‘a victim’ telegram blocking in Russia


Viber Says Became 'Collateral Victim' of Telegram Blocking in Russia

Moscow (Sputnik) – the Weber is concerned that Russian users are experiencing problems connecting in communication Watchdog implementation of the court’s decision to block the telegram, and vows to restore access to the service only, Yana Rozhkova, Weber’s Director of public relations in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the official said.

Monday, some users in Russia have experienced problems with access to viber. Envoy believes that they are caused by the decision of Roskomnadzor to cut off access to Amazon and Google the IP address that the telegram used to circumvent the restriction on watchdog.

“In connection with the recent DECREE from the Russian authorities to block specific applications of the exchange of messages, some network operators block access to several Internet servers provider. As a result of these measures, the Russian users through various online services, including viber, have problems with the connection. We are deeply concerned that our service was the victim of a situation which had a negative impact on our users,” said Rozhkov.

She added that the company’s specialists are working hard to restore full access to viber service “as soon as possible”.

Last week in the Moscow district court official of the Russian communications watchdog Roskomnadzor to block the messenger telegram in Russia, without waiting for the appeal. The court pointed out that the telegram will remain locked in Russia, while it provided encryption keys for the Russian authorities, because the messenger can be widely used by terrorists for communication.

CEO of telegram Pavel Durov said that the messenger will use built-in methods to bypass any restrictions.



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