The US administration announces sanctions against the Russian “elite” on Friday – reports


US Administration to Announce Sanctions on Russian 'Elite' on Friday – Reports

Moscow (Sputnik) – the administration trump will announce on Friday individual sanctions against the Russians over the alleged falsification of the presidential elections in the United States, local media reported.

As expected, this week of new economic sanctions against Russian businessmen and politicians. They relate that the publication wall Street Journal called the country’s ruling “elite”.

The restrictions were planned before Russia was accused last month of poisoning his former intelligence agent in the South of England. Moscow has repeatedly denied meddling in the 2016 election in the United States or claims role in attack with nerve gas on Sergei Skripal, which left him in critical condition.

Earlier, local media announced that the team Mueller interviewed by the Russian “oligarchs” who come to the United States, including the search of electronic devices on the private plane of a businessman. Team Mueller wants to know if wealthy Russians illegally collected cash donations, directly or indirectly, of the trump campaign.


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