Tensions Boiling in Delhi University as Ad-Hoc Teachers Refuse to Give up on Jobs – Video


New Delhi (Sputnik): With teachers of Delhi University demanding the rollback of a circular issued on 28 August which allegedly puts an end to the appointment of ad-hoc teachers, the university’s north campus area is witnessing a tense situation after heavy police were deployed to prevent any unrest.

Over 5,000 teachers and professors have been protesting against the decision of the Delhi University administration to appoint guest-teachers instead of making ad-hoc (temporary) ones permanent.

The demonstrators have been made to stay off the vicinity of vice-chancellor’s office, situated near Delhi University Ground since Wednesday.

The Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) along with hundreds of professors and ad-hoc teachers at Delhi University, have been demanding the appointment, absorption and promotion of ad-hoc teachers along with the payment of arrears since the circular was passed on 28 August.

According to the teachers, Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi has made no efforts to meet the representatives of the DUTA and they will continue protesting till their demands are met. The teachers also said they will boycott their official duties as well.

On Thursday morning, paramilitary and police forces were deployed to Delhi University, where they were stationed with water cannons. The forces were seen forcibly evicting the teachers, who were trying to barge into the office of the vice-chancellor.

On Wednesday, teachers broke three gates of a building housing the vice chancellor’s office and allegedly painted graffiti on the building.

​Following the continuation of a day-long massive protest against the non-payment of salaries for several months involving hundreds of Delhi University teachers, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) officials are set to meet the DUTA on Thursday evening to bring a solution to the issue.

Through the August 28 letter, the university administration replaced 5,000 teachers without any amendment to the University EC resolution of 2007.

The vice-chancellor had circulated a letter to the DU Principal’s Association (DUPA) stating that the appointment of ad-hoc teachers as faculty members will be stopped.

Instead, the appointment of guest lecturers – who would be paid on an hourly basis – would be encouraged. The DUTA learnt about the circular only after it was leaked on social media.

Sourse: sputniknews.com

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