Several Injured as Left-Wing Activists Clash With Police at Right-Wing VOX Rally in Madrid


MADRID (Sputnik) – Several people were injured or detained on Wednesday as left-wing activists clashed with police officers during a demonstration held by the right-wing VOX party in Madrid’s Vallecas district, a Sputnik correspondent reported from the scene.

The right-wing party staged a demonstration on Wednesday in Vallecas, a neighborhood known for its support for left-wing parties, to kick off its campaign ahead of early regional elections in the autonomous community of Madrid scheduled for May 4. The rally was perceived by local residents as a provocation and prompted them to hold their own protest.

After the VOX party’s demonstration started, activists from the left threw stones and bottles at a police cordon set up along the place hosting the right-wing rally. Police responded by deploying batons.

During the previous 2019 election, only 5 percent of Vallecas residents voted for the VOX party, while representatives of left-wing parties gained 77 percent of the vote.


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