Russia Consistently Fulfills Commitments on Anti-Doping Fight — Putin


Russia Consistently Fulfills Commitments on Anti-Doping Fight - Putin

ULYANOVSK (Russia) (Sputnik) — Russia consistently fulfills its obligations in the fight against doping in sport and intends to build one of the best anti-doping systems in the world, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday.

«Russia consistently fulfills its obligations in the field of anti-doping…We are determined to create one of the best systems to counter doping in sport, and for this, we have developed and are implementing a special national plan,» Putin said at the «Russia — A Sports Power» forum.

The Russian president stressed, though, that problems with doping in sport exist in many other countries as well, which points out at «the obvious imperfection of the entire international anti-doping system.»

«We agree with our partners about the need for changes in this area, and we are convinced that such work must be carried out under the UNESCO auspices,» Putin added.

Earlier in September, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) President chief Craig Reedie has confirmed that majority of the organization’s Compliance Committee had voted to reinstate the status of the Russian anti-doping agency. The move came three years after the agency accused Russia of multiple violations, claiming that the Russian anti-doping agency was not compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code.



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