New Photos Show Expanded Migrant Facility in Donna, TX, as Border Crisis Continues


The Biden administration has described the border situation as a “challenge” instead of a “crisis,” while blaming the Trump administration for limiting legal asylum options. Republicans have accused the Biden administration of exacerbating the situation by scrapping Trump-era border measures.

A US government-run sheltering facility for illegal migrants crossing the southern border of the United States, in Donna, Texas, has more than doubled in size in recent weeks, Fox News reported on Wednesday

According to the report, authorities are scrambling to find space to accommodate an overwhelming influx of underage people crossing the border, and new photos made by the outlet using drones show the degree to which the migrant facility has expanded since March 23.

​Earlier, a number of reporters and lawmakers took pictures of migrants crammed together in overcrowded facilities as officials struggled to process them at the Donna center, which has resulted in some of the most famous photos of the crisis so far.

​It’s one of the measures taken by the Biden administration to deal with the influx. The Department of Health and Human Services reported earlier this month that an emergency intake center in Donna will be opened to house up to 1,500 adolescents near the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) center.

Migrant families disembark from an inflatable raft that smuggled them into the United States by crossing the Rio Grande River in Roma, Texas, Sunday, March 28, 2021

The CBP announced the construction of a new temporary processing center for illegal migrants in Donna in early February, according to a statement from the authorities the new facility is “weatherproof, climate-controlled, and is expected to provide ample areas for eating, sleeping, and personal hygiene.”

Since President Joe Biden took office in January and reversed some of his predecessor Donald Trump’s hardline policies, the United States has been facing the steepest increase in illegal migration in years.

Last Thursday, the Custom and Border Protection data revealed that US border apprehensions soared by more than 70 percent in March. The 172,331 migrant encounters recorded make up the highest monthly total in more than two decades, with the Biden administration on pace to top the previous annual record set in 2019 of over 977,000 apprehensions.

Among other things, Republicans have criticized the new administration for abolishing the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) and ending the construction of the wall at the southern border.


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