Greta Thunberg joins pro-Palestine protests in Malmo

Greta Thunberg has joined pro-Palestine protests in Malmo against Israel competing in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The climate activist, 21, was at the Stop Israel demonstration, between Stortorget and Molleplatsen in the centre of the city on Thursday ahead of Israel singer Eden Golan performing at the second semi-final of the competition on Thursday evening.

She was wearing a keffiyeh, a material commonly used to show support for Palestine, around her body in the centre of the crowd.

During the demonstrations, smoke canisters in the colours of the Palestinian flag were set off and protesters, some of whom have dogs, young children and bicycles with them, were carrying signs displaying images of Gaza civilians who have been injured amid the Hamas-Israel conflict.

At one point, the pro-Palestinian demonstrators were told to go back by police and, following shouts of “free Palestine”, returned to the main gathering.

There was also a banner done in the style of Eurovision with the words “genocide” on it, an accusation vigorously denied by Israel amid the war with Hamas.


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