Classic bob Cut

The popularity of the bob haircut can be easily explained by it’s versatility. Whatever face type a lady has, this trendy haircut will definitely suit her. There are multiple versions of bob cut: from classics to choppy and asymmetrical bobs.

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Classic bob Cut
Classic bob Cut

There is another significant advantage of a bob cut – it’s really easy to style! Just a couple of brushstrokes, and your hair looks neat and alluring. However, don’t forget to have your split ends trimmed regularly. In case you’re keen on changing your hair color frequently, it’s recommended to get your hair colored or highlighted as the roots grow out.

Bob cut is often chosen by the most stylish and iconic celebrities: Liv Tyler, Uma Thurman, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Aniston, as well as many other fashion lovers, prefer bob done by professional hairdressers. Salon hair stylists are capable of creating perfect hairstyles for their clients, no matter if it’s timeless classics or bold experiments.

How to Cut a Basic Bob Haircut

A bob cut, just like a layered haircut, can be done on hair of any length, both straight and curly. The cutting diagram remains the same for all versions of the haircut: the hair is cut from the back to the top of the head so that the uppermost strand is equal to the lowermost one. Then you should work out the bangs, and that’s the exact moment when you can unleash your imagination and creativity.

As a rule, the hair remains not too short, and the hair ends are cut with thinning scissors. One of the trendiest haircuts is a bob with long bangs.The bangs can be choppy or asymmetrical so that some imperfections of the face are hidden. Keep in mind that thick and perfectly blunt bangsare not suitable for everyone: they flatter all face types apart from square and round ones.

Asymmetry Is In

In recent years, asymmetrical bob has been women’s absolute favorite. It helps to show off your unique personality, make your facial features look more defined, emphasize your strong sides and hide those that you are insecure of. Asymmetrical bob is easy to maintain and style, it is convenient to dry using a hair straightener or a hair dryer, styling uneven strands the way you want it to look today.

Thanks to a bob haircut, you can create a brand new hair look every day: either restrained and laconic, or slightly careless, deliberately playful and at the same time incredibly feminine.

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