Austrian Health Minister Anschober Announces Resignation Over Health Issues


VIENNA (Sputnik) – Austrian Health Minister Rudolf Anschober announced on Tuesday his intention to step down from the ministerial post due to health problems and exhaustion from combating the coronavirus pandemic.

The 60-year-old recently had to take sick leave twice due to blood circulation problems.

The official noted that the crisis triggered by the pandemic required a health minister to “be 100% fit.”

Commenting on the minister’s resignation, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that from the very beginning of the outbreak, Anschober took his responsibilities as health minister with great responsibility in such a difficult time.

“Over the past 16 months, he sacrificed himself for our country and, as health minister, he redirected all his energy into the fight against the coronavirus pandemic … I thank him for his work on behalf of the federal government and on my own behalf. First of all, I wish him to recover as soon as possible,” Kurz wrote on Twitter.

The chancellor added that Anschober had notified him of the decision to resign, adding that the government respects it.


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