31-Year-Old Estonian Rescue Worker Dies After Taking AstraZeneca Vaccine


The Baltic nation has approved the use of Covid-19 vaccines by Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, with deliveries of the latter preparation beginning last month. AstraZeneca jabs are produced in the UK.

A 31-year-old rescue worker in Estonia has died after being vaccinated against the coronavirus using the AstraZeneca vaccine, Maia Uuskula, the chief of the bureau of pharmacovigilance at the Estonian Agency of Medicines, has announced.

The man was said to have been vaccinated on 17 February.

The official stressed that the vaccine is safe, and urged Estonians who have been vaccinated to inform the agency if side effects persist for more than three or four days.

As of 28 February, Estonia’s Agency of Medicine has reported 486 adverse drug reactions to the AstraZeneca vaccine, 708 to the Pfizer vaccine, and 15 to the Moderna vaccine.

Estonia began its vaccination programme in late December, with 84,175 vaccinations reported as of Wednesday, accounting for about 6.3 percent of the country’s population. 37,369 people are said to have received both doses of one of the three approved vaccines.

The Baltic nation isn’t the only country to report instances of complications from the AstraZeneca vaccine. Earlier Wednesday, South Korean media reported that two people with underlying diseases had died after taking the preparation. Officials have yet to establish the cause in both cases.

This week, AFP reported that residents of France and Germany have expressed reluctance to get the AstraZeneca shots, with just over half a million of the combined 3 million+ shots distributed to the countries administered.


Sourse: sputniknews.com

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