Why do I need farm level on Steam?

What is a Steam level? It is an overall measure of the badges you’ve earned that shows your card collection and your participation in Steam events. Every profile on Steam has a level, but for most players it doesn’t really matter. So what is it for and is it worth spending time and money on pumping it?

Why do I need farm level on Steam?

main advantages of pumping of steam level

1) Increased limit on the number of friends on the list. The initial limit is 250 places for your friends. Active players this amount is clearly not enough, so with the level pumped up just one, the limit will automatically increase by 5 places.

2) Be visible to your friends. The higher your level, the higher the link to your profile will be located in the profile of your friends. Each profile has only six friends with the highest levels, so many prefer to be in this block with their friends.

3) Self-promotion. In most cases it can be argued that the higher the level of the profile owner, the higher his popularity. Being always in the first places in the list of friends, having a pumped level, such a profile causes trust and respect. This motive often underlies the promotion strategy of in-game merchants of items and hyfts, because in addition to advertising by means of the profile with a high level, they are in knowingly better conditions: other players consider their level to be prestigious and trustworthy.

4) Getting themed game items. By creating a badge from the game cards, you automatically get two in-game themed items – a smiley face and a profile background. There is also a coupon for future purchases, but it is usually valid for no more than two weeks and almost no one is in demand. Accounts with such things are often more valuable. And sets to keys steam can be sold for more.

5) The possibility of arrangement of showcases (information blocks) in the profile. For every 10 levels you will be able to add one showcase. For example, having 60 level you will have 6 showcases, and at 110 level you can use 11 showcases already. For most players it’s a great way to tell friends and profile visitors about their gaming preferences, achievements, hobbies, works in the workshop.

6) Change the color and shape of the badge. Each ten levels have their own color badge, which can serve as a good decoration of the profile for its owner, exactly as the shape of the badge itself, which changes once for every hundred levels. Many people choose one or another level based on the color design:

  • 0-9 level – gray badge color
  • 10-19 level – red badge color
  • Level 20-29 – orange badge color
  • 30-39 level – yellow badge
  • 40-49 level – green badge color
  • 50-59 level – cyan badge color
  • Level 60-69 – violet badge color
  • 70-79 level – pink badge color
  • 80-89 level – burgundy badge color
  • Level 90-99 – brown badge color
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