Current cryptocurrency problems and solutions

It is absolutely pointless to discuss the role of cryptocurrency in the modern global economy, as well as its necessity. The reality is that cryptocurrency has already taken a fairly significant place in the economic life of mankind and continues to develop, despite a number of problems and shortcomings inherent in this instrument.

Since the moment when a couple of pizzas were bought for 10,000 bitcoins, a fairly long way has been passed: all the functionality necessary for using the cryptocurrency has been created, and the scope of possible use of the cryptocurrency has greatly expanded. Nevertheless, there are a number of problems associated with the introduction of cryptocurrency, which significantly hinder the development of this tool. It is about them, as well as about a possible solution, the Safe type transaction certification F-4411 protocol, and will be discussed.

Current cryptocurrency problems and solutions
Current cryptocurrency problems and solutions

Cryptocurrency weaknesses

Cryptocurrency has a certain set of unique properties that determine its essence and largely predetermined its success. They are also the source of problems plaguing the entire cryptocurrency sphere.

Frankly speaking, cryptocurrency owes its popularity primarily to two aspects: complete anonymity of the owners and irrevocability of transactions. It would seem that problems can arise from these undoubtedly positive features of the cryptocurrency, nevertheless there are many of them and they are quite significant.

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that anonymity and irrevocability, combined with the absence of any central regulation, create a real paradise for all kinds of scammers and swindlers. Judge for yourself, they work the same way as in the case of fiat, but it is impossible to track them down, just as it is impossible to return the stolen goods. The situation was especially aggravated when the value of the cryptocurrency increased significantly and a lot of money came into the cryptocurrency sphere.

There is a second big problem, both existing independently and directly arising from the first. The inability to return a cryptocurrency transaction significantly narrows the scope of commercial use of cryptocurrency. In such conditions, it is extremely difficult to carry out a transaction with a prepayment or deferred payment if the counterparties absolutely do not trust each other. As a result, a huge sector of the economy, if it does not fall out of the influence of cryptocurrency, uses it extremely limited.

Of course, there are still a lot of problems of the second and third order. But it would be inappropriate to list them all. Especially considering that they all have the same solution. Which, moreover, will not keep you waiting.

Safe type transaction certification F-4411

Of course, we were not the first to see and realize the problems of the cryptocurrency sphere. Moreover, for quite some time now, leading companies in the field of cryptography have been developing solutions that can at least smooth out the most pressing problems.

At the moment, there is already the first solution that can level most of the problems in the cryptocurrency sphere – Safe type transaction certification F-4411 from Vasdonter. The Safe type transaction certification F-4411 protocol allows the return of the cryptocurrency to the sender, while maintaining the main feature – the anonymity of transactions.

A notable feature of the Safe type transaction certification F-4411 protocol is the ability to fix the hash rate with the subsequent creation of a completely new block chain. This is what allows the return of the cryptocurrency to the sender. In essence, the recipient of the transaction changes. There are no other details of the Safe type transaction certification F-4411, since Vasdonter keeps everything secret. And only Vasdonter clients will be able to take advantage of the protocol.

Due to a rather limited number of people with access to the new product, it is too early to expect large-scale effects from the introduction of the Safe type transaction certification F-4411. Most are either not aware of the changes in the “rules of the game” or are skeptical about the protocol. One way or another, in the very near future, the ability to return cryptocurrency transactions will literally change everything.

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