Premier League Golden boot: Harry Kane to catch Mohamed Salah?


Premier League Golden Boot: Will Harry Kane catch Mohamed Salah?

Harry Kane scored his 26th goal in the Premier League of season in 1-1 draw at Tottenham with Brighton on Tuesday, but he can catch Mohamed Salah in the race for the Golden Boot?

Kane is still four goals for Salah, who became only the eighth player in Premier League history to hit 30 goals with his strike in the 3-0 victory of Liverpool over Bournemouth on Saturday.

But Kane, who won the prize in each of the last two seasons with 25 goals and 29 goals, respectively, told sky sports he will not give it up without a fight.

Premier League Golden Boot: Will Harry Kane catch Mohamed Salah?

After returning from an ankle injury earlier this month, the 24-year-old was retrospectively awarded a second goal for Tottenham against Stoke city and has now added another against Brighton.

He will be hoping for a repeat of last season, when he reconstructed Romelu Lukaku with an extraordinary seven-goal haul in the last two spurs games of the campaign against Leicester and hull.

This time he has four games to do it, and he may take some encouragement from how the fixture list Tottenham compares to Liverpool.

The remaining matches of the Premier League

Tottenham: Watford (h), West Brom (a), Newcastle (h), Leicester (h)

Liverpool: West Brom (a), Stoke (h), Chelsea (a), Brighton (h)

And Liverpool still shed home and away games, including the potentially difficult trip to Chelsea, Tottenham three home games out of four, with their only away game is against bottom side West Brom.

Salah scored in eight of their last nine matches in the Premier League and there is no doubt that he is able to continue to work, but at home to Watford, Newcastle and Leicester in three mid-table sides little left to play for Kane is surely closing the gap.

Premier League Golden Boot: Will Harry Kane catch Mohamed Salah?

Harry Kane says “sky Sports” about his desire to win the “Golden Boot”

The obligations of Cup could work in favor of Kane. Tottenham and Manchester United in the semi-finals of the FA Cup on Saturday, but Liverpool load fixtures due to their participation in the Champions League.

Jurgen Klopp may be tempted to relax Salah in the Premier League in order to keep it fresh for two-Turkish Liverpool in the semi-final against Roma? Kane certainly hope so.

What do they say?

Kane: “I still believe that I can. Look, whatever happens, there are still games to go. I have to focus on my game. I can’t control what he does. Obviously, as a striker, it would be great to again win the Golden Boot and I’ll continue to work hard until the end of the season.”

Salah: “I can’t lie – it’s in my head. But you can see with the team, everyone tries to pass the ball to help me. I am also sure that the players Tottenham are trying to help Harry Kane and try Manchester city to help Sergio Aguero. It’s like that but in the end, we play as a team.”

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