Hearts demand answers from Rangers after badge ‘defaced’ in Sky Sports Cup final

Images and videos of a Rangers crest sticker over the Hearts badge surfaced on social media, sparking a backlash from Hearts fans; Rangers retained the Sky Sports Cup by beating Partick Thistle 4-1 at Tynecastle

Image: Rangers lift the Sky Sports Cup trophy after beating Partick Thistle at Tynecastle

Hearts have demanded “answers” after the Rangers badge was stuck over their logo in the home dressing room at Tynecastle for the Sky Sports Cup final.

Rangers Women were the ‘home’ club in the final, which they won 4-1 against Partick Thistle.

Images and videos of a Rangers crest sticker over the Hearts badge surfaced on social media, sparking a backlash from Jambos fans.

Hearts say they will “demand answers” from the SWPL and Rangers “to ensure that our club crest is never defaced again”.

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The Edinburgh club’s statement read: “Heart of Midlothian Football Club is aware of images circulating of the Tynecastle Park home dressing room at today’s Sky Sports Cup Final. Although the club hands over the running of the stadium on the day to the competition organisers – the SWPL – we were involved with pre-match planning.

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Highlights from the Sky Sports Cup final between Rangers and Partick Thistle

“We would therefore like to assure our supporters that we did not approve any request for dressing room branding in either dressing room for either club involved. It is extremely disappointing to learn that our wishes were disregarded.

“How this came to be is a matter for the SWPL and Rangers to sort, but needless to say no explanation will be satisfactory in our eyes or the eyes of our fans.

“Nevertheless, we will demand answers to ensure that our club crest is never defaced again. It is also regrettable that this action has taken away the focus from what was a successful cup final and another opportunity to grow women’s football in Scotland.”

Rangers declined to comment on the matter, Sky Sports News has also contacted the SWPL.

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