Chinese GP: Sebastian Vettel praises ‘incredible’ pace, Ferrari


Chinese GP: Sebastian Vettel praises 'unbelieveable' Ferrari pace

Ferrari Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen discuss the lock in front row for Chinese GP.

Sebastian Vettel praised the “incredible Ferrari” temp after sealing the lofty pole at the GP of China and admits he was surprised by the gap to Mercedes.

Vettel beat teammate Kimi Raikkonen, just 0.087 seconds on Saturday, with two racers Ferrari more than half a second, Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton.

Vettel on pole, Hamilton fourth

After a victory in 2018 in the first two races with the other pole, the feats of Vettel in a Ferrari was called the “turning point” sky F1’s Damon hill as Mercedes, twice world Champions in the last four years, are unable to find the answer.

“The car was great, and it gets even better,” said a jubilant Vettel, who set a track record with his final Q3 lap. “I was very happy with the settings I have from the beginning.

“We’re surprised [by the gap to Mercedes]. The first three races were a little different, the tracks are quite different from each other, but have a big gap, I think it’s a surprise.”

This is the first Ferrari China pole, in 14 years, while Vettel and Raikkonen also provided the most historic and successful Formula 1 team sealed back-to-back of the first row lockouts for the first time since 2006.

Chinese GP: Sebastian Vettel praises 'unbelieveable' Ferrari pace

Moreover, he ended with the impressive Mercedes strip pole since 2011, in Shanghai.

“It was a Mercedes track in the past six years, so it’s good to break them to perform,” added Vettel in F1 heaven.

“This is good news. This shows that we have some potential in the car and then if we can open it and it comes together, it feels good.

“If you find a middle ground, where ever You are in the field this will help you to improve your performance. This is probably what happened today, I don’t know if others struggled today with their bus, but for us it was pretty straight forward.”

There was relatively dark, the driver in the sister Ferrari, and Raikkonen was once again beaten to the pole by his teammate.

Like Bahrain, Raikkonen seemed to have the advantage in pace over Vettel – even with a temporary pole in the 3rd quarter – but admitted second place was “far from ideal” after failing to improve in the final sector on the last lap.

Finn was, however, happy with Ferrari in General and felt that their performance is not track-specific.

“We learn more about the car and much more,” he said. “If the machine where it works, it should work everywhere, and I think we’ve been pretty consistent.

“We’re pretty happy with things.”

Will Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari to make it three wins in a row or maybe Mercedes and Red bull to answer in Shanghai? Watch the Chinese GP, exclusively live on this weekend’s F1. To Make Sky Sports F1.

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