WATCH Self-Driving Tesla Hit Russian-Made Robot in US


WATCH Self-Driving Tesla Hit Russian-Made Robot in US

The incident occurred in Las Vegas during the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). According to Russian developers, the robot had strayed from its route and drove into the parking lot.

The Tesla car, driving in unmanned mode, ran over the Russian robot Promobot at the Las Vegas expo. A video capturing Promobot’s destruction was posted on YouTube.

«Jan, 6 2019. A self-driving Tesla Model S hit and destroyed an autonomous Promobot the robot model v4 in Las Vegas in a car accident. The incident took place at 3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas,» the description to the video released by Promobot says.

The Tesla was driving autonomously, although there was an observer in the cabin. After the impact, the car continued moving and stopped only 50 meters away from the robot.

Promobot was working as a consultant at the exhibition. It was able to meet customers, tell them about goods and services, and direct them to where they wanted to go.

However, some Internet users claimed that there was more than meets the eye, insisting the video was a PR stunt intended to boost sales of the robot. Asimov’s three laws make no express mention of robot-on-robot crime.

Tesla hasn’t yet responded to a request to comment the incident.



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