US to Start Assembling Gateway Lunar Outpost No Earlier Than May 2024, NASA Says


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The assembly of the Gateway lunar outpost will begin no earlier than May 2024, NASA said in a statement Tuesday.

“NASA has selected Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) of Hawthorne, California, to provide launch services for the agency’s Power and Propulsion Element (PPE) and Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO), the foundational elements of the Gateway. As the first long-term orbiting outpost around the Moon, the Gateway is critical to supporting sustainable astronauts missions under the agency’s Artemis program,” NASA said.

Earlier, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said that NASA plans the first human lunar settlement in 2028, four years after a scheduled visit to the Moon’s south pole by two American astronauts in 2024.



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