Strange Lifeforms Found Deep Below Antarctic Ice, Scientists Say


The lead author of the study noted that scientists will have to “find a way of getting up close” to the newly discovered creatures in order to learn more about them.

A peculiar breed of stationary creatures has been discovered by scientists beneath the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

According to EurekAlert!, the researchers drilled through some 900 meters of ice in order to collect sediment samples, only to find stationary animals, “similar to sponges and potentially several previously unknown species”, attached to “a boulder on the sea floor”.

The scientist also remarked that their find raises a number of questions, such as how did those organisms got there in the first place, how long have they existed there and “are these the same species as we see outside the ice shelf or are they new species”, not to mention what might happen to them “if the ice shelf collapsed”.


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