Questions on male waxing

Questions on male waxing

Male waxing in Europe today is considered one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for the stronger sex. With the help of wax or sugar, any area on the body can be treated. Men’s shugaring allows you to cope with hair in the bikini area, armpits, abdomen, face, hands. Waxing is ideal for depilation of the legs, back, chest. One of the most advanced techniques to date is polymer skin’s – epilation.

Master selects the most suitable way of men’s hair removal, taking into account the areas on the body. Skin and hair structure varies considerably depending on a person’s color type and other individual features. However, all methods show good efficiency and complete disappearance of hair for up to three weeks.

To find a good specialist will require not a little time and nerves. To alleviate the suffering, use the services of glambook application – waxing salons. You can find specialists from more than 50 countries in Europe and choose the one who is right for you.

Men’s bikini waxing

In recent years, men have begun to resort to depilation in the intimate areas more often. This is due to the fact that now in fashion perfectly smooth skin. The body without excess hair looks beautifully tanned, the reliefs are emphasized, and the aesthetics are respected. In addition, men’s bikini zone waxing can be done for hygiene reasons.

The bikini area can be treated using three methods:

  • Sugar Shugaring;
  • Wax depilation;
  • Polymer waxing.

For men, cosmetologists offer different options for the design of this zone:

  • Classic bikini. The hair is removed along the line of the trunks;
  • Deep bikini (total). All areas are treated completely, including the interdigital hollows;
  • Intimate haircut.

Men’s abdomen and chest area waxing

Today, representatives of the stronger sex prefer to remove hair in the area of the abdomen and chest for a variety of reasons. It is believed that the body acquires a more aesthetic appearance, which is especially important during the vacation season. From the hygienic point of view the procedure is useful in order to get rid of excessive sweating.

Removal of hair in the abdomen and chest area is also relevant for athletes, models, boxers, swimmers. For them it is important that the body always looks flawless.

Men’s epilation of the back zone

Due to the peculiarities of hormonal background, color type, nationality and other individual features, men may face the problem of excessive hair growth on the back.

Completely get rid of vegetation on the back can be done with shugaring, waxing or polymer depilation. Since it is often necessary to treat large areas at once, the best way in this case is to use wax. It is he who allows you to remove hair most quickly.

Optimal hair length for depilation zones

Regardless of which area of the body is treated, the optimal length of hair is considered 1 – 2 centimeters. This length allows you to fully capture the hair along with the root system, while the painful sensations are minimal. Too long or too short hair is difficult to depilate.

It is strictly forbidden to use a razor in the intervals between shugaring or waxing. The machine will provoke an increase in hair growth, increasing their stiffness.It is possible the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Painful sensations during men’s epilation

According to the technique of male and female depilation is not different, which means that the pain sensation is the same. If the hair is removed from the root, there is always a slight discomfort. The intensity of the painful sensations is influenced by:

  • The length and density of the hair;
  • The presence of stubble;
  • Individual pain threshold.

Master beautician can pre-treat the skin with local anesthetic, especially often it is resorted to in the intimate areas.

If the men’s epilation is performed regularly, the pain sensations will be less because the hair becomes softer and easier to remove.

Recommendations for skin care

  • In the first days, regularly treat your skin with a disinfectant;
  • Avoid the beach, tanning salon;
  • Avoid heat influences on the skin (baths, saunas, hot baths);
  • Wear underwear made of natural, breathable fabrics;
  • In the process of hair regrowth, do not use a razor.

Men’s waxing of any zone does not require special preparation for the procedure and is now available in almost any salon. Only shugaring or waxing can completely remove the hair for up to three weeks.

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