Mysteries of Egypt’s ‘Floating Pyramid’ Probed by Scientists


Located in Egypt’s western desert, the pyramid of Senusret II resides in an area known as the Faiyum Oasis.

While the Great Pyramid of Giza is arguably the most famous monument in Egypt, the arid expanses of this country harbour a pyramid complex unlike any other, the Daily Express reports.

Citing the Science Channel’s “Unearthed” documentary released this month, the newspaper notes that the structure in question, the pyramid of Twelfth Dynasty pharaoh Senusret II, was “the only pyramid ever built to look like it floats on water.”

Musing over the pyramid’s nature, leading archaeologist Salima Ikram proposed a theory about how the pharaoh managed to make his pyramid look like it was “floating.”

The series also notes that their cameras “have been given exclusive access to venture inside this bizarre megastructure for the very first time.”


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