Monstrous-Looking Fish Washed Ashore in California Scares Beachgoers – Photo


According to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife the ugly creature turned out to be a Pacific footballfish. Encounters with it are extremely rare, because it normally swims at depths of 3,000ft.

A scary-looking sea fish washed ashore terrifying beachgoers in California, the United States. Witnesses told reporters that the creature was 18in long and looked more like an alien monster with long sharp teeth – reminiscent of shards of glass – and a weird-looking pole coming out of its head.

Officials from Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach where the creature was found posted a statement, saying beachgoers should not be alarmed by the fish, which is a female Pacific footballfish.

The stalk coming out of its head has bioluminescent tips, which it uses to attract prey in the darkness.

Experts say encounters with the creature are extremely rare as they normally live at great depths. According to US media, in 1985 a fisherman caught one in Monterey Bay. In 2014 scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute captured it on video swimming 2,000ft below the surface. The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in Los Angeles has one exhibit of the fish.


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