Latest dental implant technology in Sola Dental Spa

Latest dental implant technology in Sola Dental Spa
Latest dental implant technology in Sola Dental Spa

Sola Dental Spa is an advanced dental clinic located in Staten Island, New York. It offers a technological solution to the problem of tooth loss.

Every day, a large number of people come to the dental clinic for help. Someone needs a cosmetic procedure, someone needs a restoration. But now the cases with the necessary implantation have become especially frequent.

It is known, that nowadays one of the most popular dental procedures is implantation. There are many cases when dental implant service can be required. Partial or total tooth loss is the most common cause.

According to official statistics, about 70% of people aged 35 to 45 years have a problem of loss of the dentition. It is worth noting that over time, this category of people completely loses all their teeth. This is really terribly. But thanks to the latest technology in the field of dentistry, there is a real opportunity to cope with this disaster.

Caring for the health and beauty of teeth should be the basis of every person’s daily care.

Historical note: first dental implants

Osseointegration – the oldest procedure of restoring lost teeth. This method was widespread even before the world got to know about dental implantation. In 1970, titanium was considered the best material for surgical operations in the field of dentistry. It had high strength and low weight. Based on historical excavations, it was found that human ancestors used cast iron material and shell fragments as a replacement for lost teeth.

Dental implantation as a step into the future

Dental implants, which are used in modern dental clinics, are highly specialized parts, because they perform an important task to replenish the dentition. The dental implant is made of titanium, which makes its appearance as natural as possible. No one will recognize artificial crowns in the oral cavity.

The main advantages of dental implants

The main differences between dental implants and simple dentures are their functions and some features:

Dental implants allow their wearers to experience:

  • Freedom to choose food without fear of disrupting the installation structure;
  • Restored Self-Confidence;
  • If teeth were lost, the implants do not let bone loss happen;
  • Eliminates the discomfort that is usually felt when wearing dentures.

Many people believe that over the years, tooth loss becomes an inevitable occurrence. The latest technology in the field of dentistry will destroy all these doubts. To eliminate the consequences of tooth loss, people should seek the help of specialists. As a result of the implantation, everyone will regain a gorgeous smile. Dental implants allow older people to feel young again and feel the joy of their own healthy smile. They have the opportunity to restore many of the social roles that were lost due to a lack of dentition.

Sola Dental Spa, Staten Island, New York invites everyone who wants to solve the problems with tooth loss, restoration of the dentition and cosmetic imperfections.

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