Indian scientist finds a way to see Wormholes in space-time


Indian Scientist Finds Way to See Wormholes in Space-Time

A wormhole is a theoretical passage which intersects the space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe.

Indian physicist Sheikh Rajibul from the Tata Institute of fundamental research has determined that a certain class of rotating wormholes that can be used for space-time travel, to apply a “shadow”.

The shadow is the dark area that surrounds the wormhole and may be available for direct observation, Dr. Sheikh wrote in an article whose Preprint is published in the repository of the arxiv.

Wormholes distort space-time, creating a tunnel that could allow in the future starships to zip across the galaxy faster than the speed of light.

These tunnels are called “no-go”, as they are fraught with sudden collapse, high radiation and dangerous contact with exotic matter.

Enormous gravity, wormholes, black holes and other super massive objects also creates the effect of gravitational lensing, where the trajectory of light rays passing through them changes.

Against the background of the area visible to the eye should be a dark spot where the gravitational influence is so strong that nothing — not even particles and electromagnetic radiation, for example light — can escape from it.

Hypothetically, this dark area can be observed from ground and space telescopes.

Rajibul Sheikh believes that the existence of a rotating wormhole can be proved by identifying the shadow with characteristics all its own.

The calculation of the precise shapes of shadows, the scientist determined, if the external light source is located on one side of the wormhole, the light is partially scattered and the party enters the tunnel.

As a result, the observer on the planet close to the wormhole sees the light and dark spots are laid in a specific pattern in the sky.

If the hole is rotating relatively slowly, his shadow will remind that the Kerr black hole. If you increase the bet per spin, shape of the wormhole, the shadows begin to deviate significantly from the black hole.


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