‘Dat Devotion: Chinese Band’s Fans Create Cryptocurrency to Trade Tickets, Merch


Creators claim their TFBCoin will allow TFBoys’ fans to buy tickets and merchandise in the most secure way – via the trending blockchain technology. Being a fan has never been so safe and transparent!

Blockchain technology is invading our life more and more, and in the near future you probably won’t be even able to be a fan of your favorite band without a bunch of cryptocoins! At least now the multimillion-strong fan base of the Chinese band TFBoys now has such an option.

According to the TFBCoin (TFBC) website, the new Ethereum-based cryptocurrency can be used to buy and sell tickets to the band’s concerts, buy merchandize or access to meet-and-greet events. Why shouldn’t you do it the old-fashioned way? Well, according to the TFBC creators, it will never be as secure and transparent as using their tokens. If you say so…

Chinese social media exploded at the news, but the band’s agents were not that happy. In fact, Time Fengjun Entertainment notified all fans that it has nothing to do with the new cryptocurrency and warned them against participation in its ICO (initial coin offering, officially banned on the territory of China since September 4) as it may lead to financial losses. It is unlikely though, as out of 60 million TFBC, 60% were reserved for three band artists and the rest is being given away freely at 10,000 TFBC a day.

Sourse: sputniknews.com

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