Boston Dynamics Robot Hits the Internet – With Running Man Dance


Boston Dynamics Robot Hits the Internet - With Running Man Dance

A yellow four-legged creature dancing to a cover of Uptown Funk got 1,5 million views on YouTube in one day.

This small robot creature is called SpotMini and it has been already featured in a Boston Dynamics video opening a door. Now, he is showing not an “average behavior” but the smooth dance moves.

Company’s founder, Marc Raibert, said at Wired’s conference that SpotMini could be used for different tasks, from inspection duties for heavy industries to security and research. He also noted that they are aiming to show the best behavior their robots could get: “It’s not the average behavior or the typical behavior. And we think of it as an aspirational target for what the robots do.”

SpotMini will become Boston Dynamics’ first commercial product. It will be available for sale from 2019, however, it is still a mystery behind the company’s doors, how exactly these robots are operated. Maybe, when SpotMini will finished dancing, he could tell more about how to operate him and what can he possibly do.



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