‘Baby’ Fossil Fragment Found in Alaska Sheds Light on Dinosaur Existence in Ancient Far North


While the breed of dinosaurs in question apparently lived all over the world, the relative fragility of its bones make it problematic for scientists to determine how they traveled between continents.

A small fragment of fossilized dinosaur jawbone has been discovered by scientists in Alaska, granting further insight into the fauna of that region millions of years ago.

According to phys.org, the bone fragment belonged to a “juvenile” dinosaur from the “dromaeosaurid” family of predatory dinosaurs “closely related to birds”, some of whose better-known members include Velociraptors, a breed popularized by the movie “Jurassic Park”.

As the media outlet points out, while these dinosaurs “lived all over the world”, their bones are fairly delicate and “rarely preserve well in the fossil record”, thus hampering researchers’ efforts to study how they moved between continents.

He also noted that, years ago, following the first discovery of a dinosaur presence “in the far north”, there was a “great debate as to whether or not those Arctic dinosaurs migrated or lived in the north year round”.

Sourse: sputniknews.com

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