The Governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens accused of unwanted sexual advances


Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens accused of unwanted sexual advances

He categorically denied any illegal actions or lack of consent to the contact.

In February, Greitens, 44, was accused and arrested for illegal possession of invasion of privacy to a jury trial in St. Louis for allegedly having a partially or fully Nude photos and “sent the images contained in photos so to have access to relevant images using the computer.”

The results will be released on Wednesday confirmed reports that the woman alleged he threatened to use the photos to blackmail her to keep their relationship. The Committee, consisting of five Republicans and two Democrats, was established Feb. 27, five days after allegations of Greitens’.

Missouri Governor Greitens criminal charges, lawyer says he is totally innocent’

The Prosecutor begins a criminal investigation in connection with the case of the Governor of Missouri Greitens’

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens accused of unwanted sexual advances

John. b. Forbes/St. Louis post-Dispatch/Getty images, FILEVice President Mike Pence and the Governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens through Chesed Shel emeth cemetery in University city, mo., Feb. 22 2017, in this file photo.

The Committee’s report includes graphic testimony about the sexual act at home Greitens’ given his accuser, whom the report identifies as “generally reliable witness”.

“At the entrance to the basement, witness 1 showed that Greitens glued her hands to pull up the rings with this gauzed tape things and then closed his eyes at her,” according to the report.

The report States that the witness testified that after Greitens ripped her shirt and pulled down her pants, she heard something like a picture being taken.

“‘[T]hen I hear that it’s kind of like a step back, take a step back and I hear … I hear like a mobile phone as the picture, and I see the flash through the blindfold,” reads the report quoted the woman as saying.

Although neither she nor the Committee does not see the real picture, then Quote the accuser Greitens’ as they say he continued to threaten to release rates, according to the report. The witness also showed that Greitens said, “don’t even mention my name to anyone at all, because if you do, I’m going to take these pictures, and I’m going to put them everywhere I can’t.”

Greitens said in a statement that the relationship was consensual.

“It was a consensual relationship and any allegations of abuse or sexual assault is false,” he said. “It was a multi-month consenting relationship between two adults. Allegations in the report of the Committee of the chamber would be directly contrary to the facts that appear in court.”

Although Greitens, a former Navy seal and a rising star in the Republican party, apologized for the extramarital affair, he refused to testify before the Commission and provided no further details.

“To the extent that this report does not include prospects Greitens’ that is the result of his choice not to participate,” the report said.

Greitens has publicly denied any non-contractual contact with his accuser.

“There was no threat of violence,” Greitens told the associated Press in January. “There was no threat of blackmail.”

According to the report, the witness told the Committee, she felt terrible, embarrassed and ashamed telling Greitens she won’t say anything about the interaction.

“Witness 1 showed that after she said, – I don’t want this,’ Greitens ‘stood up and began to help me remove the tape. He was like … calm down, all right,'” the report says.

The witness says that when she tried to leave, “he grabbed me and as in bear hug, and was like, SHH, SHH, it’s okay, calm down, calm down, and as he bends me over on this soil in the basement,” according to her testimony in the report.

While on earth, she said Greitens took off his pants and she engaged in oral sex with him.

According to the report, when asked if she agreed, the witness answered: “‘it felt like a blessing, but, no, I don’t want to do it.'”

Witness added her statement later.

“‘Under duress, maybe,” she said in the report. “I felt as if it would allow me to go.'”


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