Donald trump tweets, James Comey is “a true slime ball”


Donald Trump tweets James Comey is an "untruthful slime ball"

The war in ex-FBI Director James Comey has begun. And the President himself, Donald trump fired the first shot. On Twitter Donald trump introduced a new insult to my repertoire, calling James Komi in the “slime ball.”

Trump and his allies are trying to get out ahead of the release of the book of Komi next week, a former head of the FBI describes the President as pee-tape-obsessed dreamer, whose expectations loyalty resembled the Mafia.

The national Committee of the Republican party and the White house participated in a campaign to damage the roots of authority — and in the process, implies that the Deputy General Prosecutor rod Rosenstein and special adviser Robert Mueller, who now oversees the investigation into the Russian conspiracy and obstruction of justice, are under threat of unification with the Komi Republic.

True to himself, the trump is leading the charge, and he does it on Twitter.

Why trump calls Komi “liar” and “Teka”

Donald trump rubbing three different attacks on the roots in the space of 560 characters. As they are all complaints that trump and his allies made about Komei before, though, it’s pretty easy to figure out what the President means.

“Almost everyone in Washington thought he should be fired” for “his treatment of curves of the case of Hillary Clinton.” The official reason that Komei was dismissed, as spelled out in the memo from Rosenstein, was his handling of the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton using a private email server as Secretary of state. But the charges Rosenstein’s echoing criticism of the Democrats during the presidential campaign of 2016 — was the roots that were unfair to Clinton.

In July 2016, Komi Republic held a press conference to announce that no charges will be filed in the investigation, but, nevertheless, rebuked Clinton for being “extremely careless” use of e-mail. Democrats saw it as an attempt to imply illegal actions on the part of Clinton, even without a criminal charge.

Then, a few days before the election, Komi said that the FBI was opening Clinton investigation to see if the FBI seized the laptop of former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), whose wife was a close Advisor to Clinton, took no new evidence. It was also perceived as an irresponsible attempt to smear Clinton.

(In his book of the Komi reportedly admits that he thought at the time Clinton was elected President, and he feared that they would be considered “illegitimate” if it appeared the FBI was suppressed investigation into the news — and that he’s not sure he’d do the same if they knew that trump would win.)

Donald trump supposedly understands this, because it’s supposedly the reason he had a “great honor” of shooting roots. And his remark that “everyone in Washington” wanted Komi Republic passed, as the previous trump’s statements about the Democrats hate the Komi Republic, shows that he understands on some level and that the real problem with the processing of Komi the investigation of Clinton. But just by reading a tweet with a link to the “processing of Komi the Curve of the case of Hillary Clinton,” you can assume that Komi was fired for not charging Clinton of any crimes.

“He leaked secret information”. After he was fired. testified before the Senate intelligence Committee about his relationship with President trump, saying that trump asked Komi “loyalty”, before announcing that he will keep him on as the head of the FBI; that the President often asked the FBI Director to tell the public that trump himself was not under investigation in Russia, the scandal; and he expressed the hope that Komi will “see [his] way” to allow a former national security Advisor, Michael Flynn off the hook in his criminal case.

Trump and his allies were angry about that.

None of this holds. Not every interaction with the President is automatically classified, and there is no evidence that all of the roots revealed officially considered classified. And if something is classified, the White house has no control over what former officials have to say about it after they leave the White house.

“He lied to Congress under oath”. Trump denied that he asked Komei to throw Flynn investigation. If trump is telling the truth, the roots do perjure myself to the Senate, in other words. But trump lacks a sterling record of telling the truth — and of course it’s easier for a person who is not under oath to lie about something. It is also worth noting that things trump accuses Komi to lie about the same things he accuses him of “leakage”.

A trump tweets impulsive. But it is part of a coordinated campaign to attack the roots.

Often, when trump starts his day on Twitter, his proclamations to surprise his advisers, like all the others. It became clear in recent weeks that trump no longer obey anyone, and administration officials have often scrambled to justify everything he just said.

This is not so.

Yesterday my colleague Matt Yglesias wrote, the attacks on “Komi Republic lie” – a deliberate and coordinated campaign, complete with web site. The Republican national Committee collaborated with the White house staff to develop messaging.

It is not clear what role he played trump in this process, although, of course, the nickname “lying Komi” is trump. And hardly anyone needs for a coach to go after Komi Republic in Twitter.

But the fact that the roots of the Saga in the point where the White house staff feel the need to soften the blows of trump after or excuses to offer for his animus. They are all V. “Lie Komi” is no longer the Donald trump thing; now the Republican party. The President’s account on Twitter Is only the tip of the spear.


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